L’Oreal Homme

We use L’Oreal Homme products, which are also available to buy in-store and on our Online Store.
Make a smart move with this range of shampoos and styling products for men.
Homme has created functional products to revitalise the look of your hair, cleanse, or give your hair a chrome looking finish.

L’Oreal Homme Fiberboost Densifying Shampoo 250ml
L’Oreal Homme Grey Anti-Yellowing Shampoo 250ml
L’Oreal Homme Energic High Foam Energising Shampoo 250ml
L’Oreal Homme Force 2 Shine & Definition Wax 50ml
L’Oreal Homme Force 3 Sculpting Paste 150ml
L’Oreal Homme Force 5 Strong Hold Matt Clay 50ml
L’Oreal Homme Force 6 Strong Hold Gel 150ml
L’Oreal Homme Tonique Revitalising Shampoo 250ml
L’Oreal Homme Cool Clear Anti-Dandruff shampoo 250ml


WAHL Academy



“With great hair comes great responsibility”

WAHL Academy have a range of styling products to meet the needs of clients needing great styling.  Endorsed by Simon Shaw, WAHL Academy styling products are available to buy here at The Barbers Leeds.

Wahl Academy Collection WA7 Gumma 100ml
Wahl Academy Collection WA9 Gele 100ml
Wahl Academy Collection WA16 Puttee 100ml
Wahl Academy Collection WA17 Fibre 100ml
Wahl Academy Collection WA19 Klay 100ml