students or qualified barbers

At The Barbers Leeds we offer customers the choice of having services with a student or qualified barber.  So what’s the difference, and what can you expect?

The Barbers Leeds is part of Leeds Academy For Hairdressing And Barbering (LAFHAB), which provides high quality NVQ training for hairdressers and barbers.  Training takes place upstairs, where students undertake theoretical training, and they are taught the various techniques for cutting hair, they then master and perfect this all using training heads.  When students have reached a good standard and have gained confidence, they then progress to going downstairs to perform services on ‘real’ clients downstairs.  Services are then undertaken here within The Barbers Leeds, under supervision of Tutors and the qualified barbers present.

This process ensures that only the students that are ready for clients will be providing services in the barbers, so you will receive a good service.

Services by students cost much less (gents cuts only £1), involve assessments with Tutors and may naturally take a little longer, but we encourage all customers to support our students when possible, because this is helping the academy to train the barbers of tomorrow.

Services with qualified barbers will be more professional, cost more and slightly quicker.

At just £1 for services with our students plus free refreshments and wifi, why go anywhere else?  Clients can also have shampoo/conditioning treatments & blow-dry at no extra cost!

We particularly need clients with curly hair, also gents with moustaches & trims.