Barbers Re-opening following Coronavirus closure

We are pleased to advise that due to relaxation of government guidelines and the implementation of additional hygiene measures and procedures in place we aim to re-open on Saturday 4th July 2020.

There are a number of changes in place which you must be aware of, procedures that we have had to put in place to be able to offer services in a safe environment (this is still being updated).

Changes implemented

  • There is no waiting area, customers must wait outside until called
  • We cannot provide hot drinks, only cold refreshments (you can bring your own)
  • Face masks are provided and must be worn at all times by clients & staff where possible
  • Enhanced PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be used by staff
  • Hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes will be available for use by customers
  • For distancing measures, there are a reduced number of seats available in the barbers, so on some days we are utilising training rooms upstairs
  • Service times have had to be increased to avoid over-running and to facilitate cleaning in between clients
  • No cash payments can be taken, card transactions only. You can pay by card, or we can charge the card used to book your appt.
  • All our tools and working areas will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every client
  • The barbers will receive a deep clean throughout and at the end of every day.

What we ask of our clients

  • Please do not book in if you have had Covid-19, symptoms, or have been exposed to people or work environments that have had – or likely to have had – the virus
  • Only attend with recently-washed hair, with no products
  • Do not book unless you can definitely attend
  • Arrive on time
  • Attend and enter the barbers alone
  • Make use of all sanitisers and antiseptic wipes provided
  • Do not ask for complex services that may cause the barber to overrun

Also, availability of student services is limited to specific days, TBA

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

Service & price changes
Due to new procedures, acquisition of PPE, increased appointment times, allocated cleaning time and increased staff working hours, the cost of opening and providing services has greatly increased.  We have therefore had to:

  • Amend the list of available services (no beard services etc)
  • Allocate longer times for every service (to prevent over-running and allowing cleaning time between each client)
  • Implement a small price increase
  • Implement a Fair Policy to minimise losses from no-shows (see below)

These are in no way to take advantage of the situation, but to ensure that the barbers can open and operate viably in the face of a significant increase in running costs.

New: Fair Policy
As we are sure you can imagine, demand for appointments is expected to be high, and the cost of no-shows (where the client simply doesn’t show up) is now greater than ever before.  We have therefore implemented a Fair Policy, where reasonable fees apply only in certain circumstances.  As part of the booking process, all clients will be required to provide payment details, nothing is charged at the time of booking, however fees may be charged as follows:

• Cancellation less than 48 hours before appointment:
   30% of the booked service price

• No show (Client does not arrive and did not cancel):
   50% of the booked service price

Along with the small price increases this is to ensure the business remains viable at a difficult time of significantly increased operating costs.

The Barbers Leeds

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